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I love the #balayage technique for adding subtle highlights in the hair. Balyage is a way of painting on highlights free hand, resulting perfectly blended highlights. Great for those who like the ombré or dip dye look. I really don’t suggest drastic contrast between your root and and your ends this picture is perfect as the ends are only 2 or 3 shades lighter than the root colour (it’s also the same tone!) [Nandi via tumblr]
This is a pretty good diagram explaining hair porosity (how our hair absorbs moisture) you can test your hair porosity by placing a strand of your hair in a glass of water for 2-4 minutes if it stays floating on top of the water you have low porosity hair (like me) if it sinks you have high porosity hair if it floats about in the middle you Normal porosity. (Very scientific) it’s just another bit of information that can help you understand how your hair works and what products ‘may’ work for you. Natural hair geeks unite 👍 lol
I’ve been using the @curlybynatureldn hair oil (I used to pre poo my hair) the main oils used in the product is the Kukui Nut Oil from Hawaii 
“Hawaiians use kukui nut oil on dry hair that has been damaged by overexposure to elements such as the sun and wind. The amino acids and essential fatty acids present in kukui nut oil penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair looking healthy and moisturized. Kukui nut oil can be used as a treatment for an itchy scalp or dandruff. It has the same regenerative effects on the hair and scalp as it does for the skin. According to an article on, the gamma-linoleic acid present in kukui nut oil makes it useful as a leave-in treatment that conditions, imparts shines, and restores moisture to hair.”* Sounds great for me! I’ve tried @curlybynatureldn blend and it is very nice I found it better than using coconut oil as a pre poo, as it’s light and you don’t need very much to saturate the hair. for those who like to buy a pre blended oil check them out [*info via livestrong]
It’s coming up to 9 weeks now but I’m almost back to pre cut length. The point of the tapered cut was to even out my hair after the cool but very annoying Mohawk that left me with very disjointed hair I also had a color build up through the end (brown covered with a black box colour 😕) so a good cut was due ( never be afraid to get rid of damaged hair. Nothing will repair it so just cut it off!) type ‘4c’ hair grows! #naturalhair #afro #4chair #4chairchicks 👍 I’m retaining length by keeping hair moist, finger detangling only, co washing with bentonite clay and dabbling in #maxhydrationmethod, scalp massage when I remember 😏
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