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There is no sunprise that I am a hugh fan of Solange’s cool effortless style. When she first made the “big chop” a few years ago many speculated that she had finally lost her mind, I suppose tired of living in the shadows of her big sister Bey? But I saw more someone coming into their own not afraid the go outside the ream of what others deemed as acceptable. Though still beautifully offbeat, Solange is now 100% comfortable in her natural skin with a cult following her every move.

Elle magazine gives you a glimpse into the hippest borough on the East, where the musicians and artist play- Solange has finally nestled into a place worthy of calling home! Be inspired by Solange’s eclectic decor and fun-loving spirit!

“When 26-year-old fashion It Girl Solange Knowles—who can somehow mix colors, patterns, and high-low designers in a way that’s frenetic yet chic—and her music-video-director boyfriend, Alan Ferguson, moved to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a year ago from what she describes as a “sunshine 365, tepee-in-the-backyard” L.A. existence, they single-handedly upped the neighborhood’s already-astronomical cool factor. Even though it was her superstar sister who’d been prodding her for six years to move to Brooklyn, setting up here allows her to stay close to family—Beyoncé and baby Blue stop by for family dinners, and Solange uses Bey and Jay’s TriBeCa home to get ready for events—while establishing a life that is refreshingly distinct from her older sister’s spotlight. While Beyoncé tours the world in high-concept Mugler, Solange has her own way of doing things:”

Read the complete story and see outtakes of the poshest pad in the City!

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